Embedding unique products is a strategy you should consider.Your voluntary insurance products are best in class.  Your pricing is attractive. Your distribution networks are robust.  The question remains: how do you maximize your enrollment rates?  Often, the challenge during open enrollment isn’t convincing employees of the value of your products, it’s getting their attention long enough to make a presentation.  Embedding unique products is a strategy you should consider.


MMI Group’s products can be configured as an embedded offer to complement your core voluntary offering.  Introduce a unique and innovative product with high value as an employee incentive to meet with your skilled enrollers.  Increase the overall value of your voluntary offering at minimal cost to you and achieve strong enrollment participation rates.  Or consider offering MMI Group’s products on a voluntary basis to round out your product portfolio.


MMI Group enjoys strong, long-term relationships with many highly rated carriers.  Contact us to learn how we can work together.


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