61% of employees report that having benefits more tailored to their needs would make them more loyal to their employer.*


Our unique products can help
your benefits offering stand
out from the crowd.
To attract and retain top talent, employers must offer competitive benefits programs.  But with
ever-increasing healthcare costs, it is getting
harder to keep up with employee expectations.  Employees want
real choices from their benefits.


MMI Group’s unique products can help your benefits offering stand out from the crowd.  We have exclusive access to protection and peace of mind products that deliver real value to help your employees manage their everyday concerns and enable work/life balance.  It’s about more than happy employees.  With two working parents now the norm, unaddressed financial and personal problems can hurt productivity.


Although we offer the convenience of payroll deduction that employees prefer, we recognize
that employers are not interested in new administrative responsibilities.  We have flexible implementation and payment choices, including a zero-administration option that costs you nothing
in time or expense.


Please contact us to discuss how our unique benefits can strengthen and differentiate your program.


*MetLife 2012 Study of Employee Trends

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